Indian Business Game – EKTA


About this item

  • Enjoy the Fun- Enjoy the fun at home, and make money through business. Make your kids learn business skills while having endless fun with this board game. The objective of the game is to learn business or trade buying and selling. This is the must have board game for you kids to develop the sense of building wealth and understanding assets and liabilities in simple terms 
  • Quick Gameplay- Put up buildings quickly and even skip the Houses and go right for Hotels! If a player lands on a forced Trade space they can choose one of their undeveloped properties and immediately trade it for another. Players can get houses and hotels up more quickly than in most other Monopoly games. The game ends when one player goes bankrupt. Then the player with the most money and highest property value wins. 
  • A Favourite Game for Generations- The thrill of bankrupting an opponent, experiencing the ups and downs of collecting Properties, and making deals is just a few of the reasons that the Monopoly game has been a favourite for generations. With this interactive edition of the Monopoly game, players choose to move around the board. 
  • Mental Level- Increases the mental level of child on selectively investing & selling the things as per needs. International Business is well known worldwide with different names. This is an evergreen game in which you act as a foreign businessman who buy or sell properties in famous countries of the world. 
  • Age Limit- No age limit above 5 years of age. All the family can play at a same time

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