Power Ranger Scooter With Sipper Adjustable Height Blue – DASH

1899 Incl All Taxes


Key Features:

  • Safety First?-? It can be used by children of 4 years & has weight capacity 10 to 60 kg?of the Deck
  • Innovative Design with Intelligent Turning – which makes it safe for little one. Child can control the turning and balance easily by physical inclination
  • PU Wheels?- PU Wheels for smooth ride. Scooter can be used indoors too as it will not leave any mark on tiles due to high quality PU Wheels.
  • Wide deck – which is sturdy enough and provides enough space to ride the scooter with ease
  • Adjustable T Bar and Brake: Easy to access rear brake, when pressed brings the scooter to a speedy secure stop
  • Brake?- Rear brake for quick stop
  • Easy grip handles?- Easy grip handles is ideal for beginners

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